Boosting our Immune System while taking care of that recent breakout

The Beatles, 1960’s

It’s been an extremely long week and we’re feeling a bit under the weather… tired and yes we just got a pimple..we hate break outs

So today were starting our day with a cup of black tea, we want to feel and look great.

Great for fighting viruses, black tea will boost our immune system and prevent us from getting that cold and flu that has been going around lately.
Stress relieving black tea is soothing for both the brain ( it will help us concentrate ) and the nervous system
Packed  with anti-oxidants, it  eliminates free radicals and protects against skin cancer.

Loaded with vitamins and minerals, black tea aids in clearing up acne.

After you make your cup of tea, take the bag out and don’t toss away. Let it cool down just a bit. Simply place it over the pimple. This approach will assist in soothing inflammation and killing bacteria.  All of this can be done in the morning while reading your paper just right before you head out.

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