Lip Exfoliation

Veruschka von Lehndorff 1960’s Icon

Dry weather & that fall /winter chilly breeze can lead to dry chapped lips.
We love saving a dollar or two, so instead of purchasing a lip scrub/exfoliator… you can actually make your own.

Here’s one of our faves:

Honey Brown sugar scrub

Honey is an antiseptic & is antibacterial .
Brown sugar has glycolic acid (alphahydroxy) which is s great exfoliator. Brown sugar is a humectant so it  will seal in moisture.
Mix one tablespoon of honey with two or three pinches of brown sugar. Scrub gently,  leave on for 5 min, then rinse off. You can apply your favorite lip balm at the end to hydrate.

(Lips are super sensitive and delicate,therefore we use the scrub 1 a week)


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