Lipstick Notes!

jane birken 1960s
Jane Birkin, 1960’s Icon

We love Lipstick, it can take the simplest of looks to an entire different level. For example a basic white t shirt with jeans might seem like plain Jane but add a pop of red and you’re on your way to revamping your entire look.

Here are a couple of techniques we use to make the best our lipstick.

We always love to apply lipstick first for our day look, that way we get an idea where exactly we need the liner. After you fill in your lips you can apply the liner. When your lipstick starts to fade, both the liner and lipstick will do so at the same time (which will prevent you  from getting  the ring around your lips)

For our late nights (weekend partying and dancing….last thing we want to do is to have to constantly leave the dance floor or table to reapply lipstick) we take a different approach. The goal is to make our lip color  last all night. We basically fill in our lips with lip liner, YES!  only liner. Lip liners are waxy and will hold down the color of the lipstick all night long. After you’ve filled in your lips with liner simply apply lipstick. You’re set for a night of partying and dancing without having to constantly reapply.

Another technique we love to use for preventing our color from fading is incorporating a touch of concealer into our lipstick application. Simply dab some concealer on your lips before applying lipstick, Concealers will act as foundation and will hold down the color all night long.


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