Time to Freshen Up!

refreshing two smaller

The following facial mist is one of our favorite summer beauty/grooming skincare refreshing sprays , but we’ve recently tried it during these last couple of chilly days and basically we loved it; so we knew we definitely had to share it with you guys.

We can’t stress enough, How exciting and great it is to discover efficient treatments for our skin without really spending a lot of cash. We learn tons along the way, like what works and what doesn’t and we get to incorporate natural products into our skincare regimen.

The green tea and vitamin E refreshing mist is great x both women  and men  and super easy to make. (During summer, if you feel your skin is too oily and your hesitant about vitamin E or if you can’t get your hands on some…no worries you can still make the mist without it )

Green tea is packed with anti oxidants,  thus preventing the formation of wrinkles and fine lines.It also fights free radicals and reduces inflammation .

Vitamin E is super soothing, moisturizing and has skin repairing properties ( goodbye scars, sunburns and blemishes )

The Goal: Nourished, Balanced, Hydrated and Glowy Skin.

All you need to do is boil some water ( just as if you were making tea), then pour the water into your mug and place a green tea bag inside. Pop a capsule of vitamin E and squeeze it into the tea.  Stir it for 20 seconds and then let it cool. Grab a spray bottle and pour your new refreshing mist into it. ( make sure the solution has cooled down before you pour it into the bottle) .

Shake and place it in the fridge.Whenever you need a little toning or you are feeling a little dehydrated (skin) just spray twice and you’re set.

Also if you’re wearing Makeup, Concealer or tint, no worries this spray can be used on top of it. It’s going to set your makeup and give you a glowy and refreshed look.

* Do not store for more than 7 day (it’s always best to be safe plus the mist is simple, easy and super affordable)


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