Perks of Shaving!

John Travolta Los Angeles 1976 norman sheff
John Travolta Los Angeles 1976 by Norman Seeff

With the arrival of the cold weather and an extremely hectic schedule (especially during the holiday season) a lot of guys, kind of skip out on shaving. We can’t deny the fact, OK we love facial hair, but there are so many benefits to shaving on a regular basis.

Here are some notes on the advantages of shaving daily…

A clean, fresh and super polished look that definitely comes in handy during the winter when we’re all going from work to drinks to late dinners and get togethers

Major exfoliation. Getting rid of dead skin and toxins which can cause acne (clogged pores)
Many shaving products, like gels and shaving creams are antibacterial. After- shaves have antiseptic properties, so goodbye bacteria!
Shaving on a regular basis also diminishes razor bumps.

Guys can also stop by their regular barber shop for a shave just like the good old days. It’s a great stress relieving experience with tons of extra benefits.

Straight razors provide a super close shave…guys will have to shave less and that leads to major savings.

Since straight razors give a close shave, exfoliation is on point, removing up to 4 layers of dead skin cells ( like we mentioned before,  if not removed they can cause acne and ingrown hairs)

Sometimes we all need to let go ( since we’re slammed with exams, work and with life in general ) and just enjoy our free time especially during the holidays (skipping shaves is beyond OK), but it’s also great to be aware of what happens if we get too comfortable.

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