Nature’s Cleansing, Exfoliating and Nourishing Skincare Pads.

tomato exfTonight we have to get ready to meet friends and family and we definitely want to look our best. With such a crazy schedule lately our skin just looks tired, beyond dull, missing that glow we all want and yes we broke out (acne).

Since we’re home today, lets turn to our kitchen to see how we can incorporate what we didn’t use for tonight (thanksgiving dinner)  into our skincare.


Lets make our own cleansing, exfoliating and nourishing pads! (flashback to our oxy pad days)



We produce new skin cells in our dermis ( lower level of our skin) which resurface to our epidermis ( the top level of our skin) .

If we don’t shed the old dead skin cells (eliminated) they will make  our skin look dull and feeling dry, unbalanced and unhealthy.

Exfoliation is the process we utilize to remove these dead skin cells that can clog our pores and lead to major breakouts.


 Tomatoes are earth’s natural cleansers , exfoliators and invigorating problem solvers.

 They contain Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Vitamin C which brighten and soften the texture of our skin.

 They contain Lycopene which protect the tomatoes from the UV rays of the sun ( free radicals )

 Free radicals are highly reactive chemicals that can damage any structure in living cells.

 The Skin suffers additional free radical damage from sunlight and pollutants wind, and temperature.


Making our own Skincare Pads!

What your are going to do is basically cut the top off the tomato ( the top part gets the most direct light from the sun so it has a high level of lycopene)

We also love the top because it the stem of the tomato provides a grip, making it Nature’s Cleansing Pad.

Dip the sliced tomato pad in some brown sugar ( brown sugar has acidic and moisturizing properties)

Circulate (the pad) around your face, really targeting areas (with the nourishing tomato juice ) that you feel need the burst of treatment and care. Make sure to cover the entire face with the enriching juice. Once you’re done, wait ten minutes and then rinse with room temperature water. After your rinse, pat dry and follow moisturizer.


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