Don’t toss the Champagne!

sophia l
Icon Sophia Loren 1950’s

So we have a bit of champagne remaining, don’t toss it out! We can actually incorporate what’s left over into our skin and hair care regimen

Champagne can actually help us achieve a glowy and radiant complexion. Great for Normal to oily skin, champagne is loaded with Carbon Dioxide.

Carbon Dioxide constricts our pores, detoxifies and fight free radicals (anti-aging).  We can make an amazing Detoxifying toner with what we have left over from the holidays.

Simply pour a bit of champagne into a bowl take a cotton ball or pad and dab it in the detoxifying solution. Apply to your skin and let it sit for 15 min. You’re going to feel the burst of bubbles on your skin ( champagne has less alcohol than most toners). Follow with your favorite moisturizer and your set!

Champagne can also be used to get silky, smooth and voluminous hair, and this is great because many of us during the winter lose that summer luster and after beach bounce. So basically champagne will give us a boost of hydration and volume.

To make your Champagne Rinse simply pour whatever is left over into a bowl and mix with warm water. This will be your rinse. Apply to damp hair and massage. After 10 min rinse out and continue with your regular shampoo, conditioning and styling.


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