Wake Me Up!!!

wake me upIt’s midweek and yes we’re so in  need of a little wake me up, so we’re turning to  one of our favorites,  the brightening and tightening Coffee mask. This mask will inject our skin with super nourishing vitamins, antioxidants and caffeine for a more glowy, hydrated and radiant complexion.

Keep in mind,  you can always play around with the ingredients to customize a mask that works the best for you.

All you need are  the following:

4 tablespoons of coffee grains ( we love espresso)…coffee injects a wake me up feel to our skin while exfoliating.  It also diminishes redness and inflammation.

4 tablespoons of cocoa powder …cocoa powder is  loaded with antioxidants (anti aging and protects our skin from free radicals and pollutants) it also has  sulfur which is an amazing fighter against  acne.

8 tablespoons of diary ( you can do whole milk… remember high levels of fat will be beyond nourishing for our skin especially in the winter when our skin is dry and dull)

1 tablespoon of lemon juice….. Exfoliating as well as brightening, lemon juice fades away blemishes and kills acne.

2 tablespoons of honey… honey is an antiseptic with antibacterial properties. It will lock in moisture and give a smooth feel to our skin.

In a bowl mix all the ingredients. When you have finally created a smooth paste, apply to clean skin and let the mask dry.

For rinsing simply use warm water and massage. Slowly  you will begin to wash away the mask and you will be left with a radiant and balanced complexion.Follow up with your favorite moisturizer.


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