Adding a spritz of glow and soothing relief into our skincare regimen

Icon and Rebel James Dean; 1955 classic ‘Rebel Without A Cause’

Winter;  cold and cloudy days that sometimes give us the blues, and that’s not a bad thing because many of us get inspired by this weather, but when it affects our skin  and we look under the weather ( dull, dry and tired) that to us is  … No Bueno!

The following facial spritz is easy and beyond amazing for both the ladies and the gents to get that natural radiant glow we need to brighten our days.

All you need is a bit of bottled  water and milk.

In a small spray bottle, combine half  whole milk ( high levels of fat are super nourishing) and half water.

Milk is loaded with vitamins, minerals and proteins. It’s super soothing and basically reduces inflammation. Besides moisture, it improves our complexion by balancing our skin, healing wounds and diminishing irritation.

Milk also reduces the appearance of large pores and fine lines & wrinkles.

You can store your soothing radiant glow milk spritz for a maximum of three days in the fridge..when u feel the need of a bit of  soothing relief and an overall healthy glow  (even if you’re wearing makeup ) just simply spray and let it dry for a refreshing and balanced complexion.


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