We’re going bananas for a Brighter Smile

Wood Allen, ‘Bananas’ 1971

OK guys, so we all hate stained teeth. Whether from smoking ( guilty pleasures and we should all stop) or coffee and tea, our teeth get stained. We all want pearly white teeth. Recently we came across an article about how we can brighten our teeth with bananas peels. Obviously we live for easy and affordable methods of making ourselves look better (let’s all be honest we love saving some cash)

We did a little research this weekend and found out that bananas besides high levels of potassium, contain tons of magnesium, manganese as well calcium and vitamin D. These minerals  will be absorbed into our teeth, thus brightening and clearing up our smiles. Obviously you won’t see a dramatic result over night, but after a week you will start seeing a slight difference. Gradually you will start to see a change.

Simply take a ripe banana, take off the peel and rub it on your teeth until they are basically coated with these rich minerals. Leave the brightening nutrients do their magic for about 10 min to 15 min ( you might want to keep your lips in an awkward position x that time…keeping them away from your teeth)

After ten/fifteen  minutes, grab your toothbrush, make sure it’s dry (without paste) and brush the peel off. Rinse with water and your set. Within a couple of weeks you will begin to notice a brighter, pearlier smile.

Also try to take care of nature, since nature definitely takes care of us. Take the peel, grind it  and toss it over the soil. Banana peels make an amazing compost for plants.


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