Less is More!

Easy Everyday Makeup @ Narciso Rodriguez FW’14

Easy and Fast Everyday Beauty Approach.

As stylists one of the key things we always try to inject is the notion that individuality and confidence are two extremely important  elements for  looking and feeling great. This goes beyond what we select to wear, embracing ‘you’ and your uniqueness is the best way to go.  Push forward your natural beauty. Utilize the instruments (from beauty products as well as clothing) to highlight and showcase you.

With such a crazy schedule, December is insane. Less is definitely more, so here are some of our favorite makeup pointers to help you feel and look your best.

The following notes are for an everyday look. You can incorporate them into your lifestyle.We love to play with makeup and different exciting looks, but sometimes especially during the holidays we are constantly on the go so we need something fast and efficient. A look that will allow us to feel great throughout the day (most of us are running from classes,work to holiday shopping and dinners)

Instead of a heavy foundation, try to switch to a hydrating and nourishing tinted moisturizer.(avoid a cakey look)

Incorporate a Concealer to diminish and fade away the appearance of blemishes. Concealers should never be rubbed in. Simply dab and lightly blend. Some of us get carry away and just rub rub rub rub.

For cheekers, we love making our own. Take your favorite lipstick (this gives you the option of directing the intensity of the  color) and mix it w/ some vaseline. When you create your ideal shade, apply. This will give you a glow that is natural and definitely beyond fresh.

Choose one! Don’t over do it….focus either on eyes or lips!

If you decide to go for eyes, try to do something that really highlights you and your personality.l

Less is more, so choose mascara(super fun) or liner (sooo many exciting techniques out there… like a Winged eye) or just shadow.

If you decide to do lips, the Same notion applies, do something that highlights you…you can do a moisturizing lip tint (from nudes to sexy vampy  berries) to a bold pop of solid color….

The idea is to develop a look that is you and that embraces your natural beauty.Your features are unique and you should flaunt them never hide them. A little time and creativity will allow you to create a beauty ritual that is fast,easy and all you.


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