Add a Pop of Radiant & Glowy Blush to your look!

 Tracy Reese Spring 2012 Makeup Backstage
Backstage @ Tracy Reese SS’12

Winter time, means goodbye summer radiance. Many of us love that summer glow because our skin is basically flawless, an all around even tone and just full of life. We can bring back a pop of  summer feel, by incorporating a cream blush into our looks.

During these cold days, we love incorporating a cream blush into our everyday looks and we prefer them over the powder ones because they absorb into our skin, leaving our skin healthy looking and moisturized. We hate a cakey look (makes our skin appear dull and dry)

Instead of going out and purchasing one you can actually make your own at home. Affordable and effective, you will be able to control the pigmentation as well as the consistency of the blush (you can make it super moisturizing if you wish)

All you need is your  lipstick of choice  and some Vaseline. Some people don’t like the feel of Vaseline on their skin so you can change it up, instead of petroleum jelly try to use your favorite moisturizer in the process.

Cut off a piece of the lipstick and simply mix it  with Vaseline(or lotion) until you have achieved a consistency and as well as a color that works for you. Make sure to do this in a small container (that way you can store it)  and voila you’re basically done! We personally love to store it in the fridge (not the freezer) because we love our blush to be a little more thicker but it’s really up to you. Remember you can always play with the ingredients to customize a color and texture that works for you.


2 thoughts on “Add a Pop of Radiant & Glowy Blush to your look!

    1. totally give it a try…we love it because it’s easy we save some cash and you get to control the intensity of the color…also you can do it with whatever left overs you have from powder blush…we will write about that later.

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