Working them Lashes!

pat dg
Lashes by Pat McGrath x Dolce & Gabbana AW’14

OK, so it’s officially that time of the year where time is limited. From Holiday shopping to wrapping things up at work or school, we basically don’t have time to sit and do our makeup. We can’t lie at we’re all about less is definitely more! We love to embrace our natural beauty, but we also love to enhance our natural features. An easy way to warm up our look and take our casual wear to an entirely another level, is by focusing on our lashes.

Healthy, Long and Thick lashes are definitely sexy and really add a pop of vamp to any look. Easy to wear from A.M to P.M it will blend smoothly with anything you are wearing.

Here’s one of our favorite make up tips on how to get Big, Thick and Extravagant Lashes. (Don’t bother buying lashes embrace the ones you have they are unique and definitely made for you)

All we need is baby powder and our favorite mascara.

Before applying your mascara, grab an eye shadow brush or blush brush and dip it in baby powder. Swipe it over your lashes until you make them chalky. After you’re done just apply your favorite mascara and voila your basically set! Baby powder acts like a primer allowing you to have full, thick and voluptuous lashes! ( and yes all yours)


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