Red Wine Toner…Cheers!

red wine toner

Leftover wine from holiday dinner? Don’t toss it away!  Wine’s powerful properties are super beneficial for our skin.

The following toner is great for both women and men and it’s super easy and efficient.

The Goal: Clear, balanced and Glowy Skin.

Here’s a little info. on why we love red wine for skin care.

High levels of antioxidants which protect us from aging.

Stimulates blood circulation.

Increases skin elasticity (firmer skin)

Brightens our skin.

Detoxifies (goodbye acne )

Red Wine Toner.

Simply dab a cotton ball over the bottle and swipe over your skin. (Make sure your skin is clean before applying).

We personally let it dry and then follow up with our  favorite moisturizer.

You can also rinse it off after a couple of minutes, pat dry and then hydrate.


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