After-Shave Nourishing & Pampering!

Icon Virna Lisi by Jean-Paul Goude x Esquire Magazine March 1965

Honestly, we all hate razor burns & bumps; besides irritating, painful and just annoying, they look horrible. The following soothing mask is great for both women and men and it can be incorporated into your post shaving experience. Great for legs, face  and basically anywhere on our bodies The Cucumber Yogurt After Shave Mask is soothing, refreshing, moisturizing and yes! anti-inflammatory.

All you need is a peeled cucumber and three to four spoons of plain greek yogurt (keep in mind we always select regular yogurt and avoid the fat free ones because the high levels of fat  are key in repairing and adding a glow to our skin especially during these cold months). You can also use more or less of the ingredients (depending on the area of focus)


Time to make our Cucumber Yogurt After Shave Mask.

Blend the cucumber (blender) with  plain yogurt. After you have created a smooth mask apply to the irritated area. Cucumbers are packed with hydration and anti-inflammatory properties. Yogurt is exfoliating, smoothing. moisturizing and repairing. After 15 min. rinse off with warm water, pat dry and finish off as usual (moisturize!)

P.S. We love to make the best of everything we have so in case you have some left over, it can be used as a great toning facial mask as well. Follow as mentioned above.


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