Don’t be tempted…Don’t lick your lips!

brad pitt lips
Brad Pitt during ‘Mr. And Mrs. Smith’            L.A. Premiere 2005

One bad habit we have to admit to is the fact that yes! sometimes we lick our lips. With the arrival of winter,  chilly weather is extremely harsh on our skin. Our lips are super sensitive and when exposed (we can’t help it) to the cold breeze they basically dry out!

Here are a couple of tips for both women and men, we at follow in order to keep our lips hydrated, nourished and healthy.

We can’t forget that licking our lips basically worsens the situation. Our saliva contains acids which break down food, these acids  basically just dry us out when we lick our lips.

In the morning before washing your face, apply some lip balm or Vaseline on your lips. Facial cleansers contain oil fighting ingredients which which can dry our lips.

Always carry lip balm with you and definitely select one with spf and with one of these super moisturizing ingredients …beeswax, vitamin E or glycerin.

When at home try this amazing D.I.Y. Take a cucumber and simply take one to three slices (the rest can be used for your salad or for other D.I.Y./skincare treatments…tons on our page) and place them on your lips. Hold them for like 15 min. During this time your lips will absorb all the water from the slices of cucumber.

We love the following P.M. D.I.Y. (When we’re sleeping)

Simply mix olive oil and honey. Olive oil is beyond moisturizing and repairing (loaded with vitamin E and minerals) Honey is also a great humectant but has tons of antibacterial and antiviral properties, so adios! chapped lips.

Apply the mixture to your lips and the next morning your lips will be moisturized, healthy and ready to face the cold chilly weather.


P.S. Always moisturize before heading out!


After-Shave Nourishing & Pampering!

Icon Virna Lisi by Jean-Paul Goude x Esquire Magazine March 1965

Honestly, we all hate razor burns & bumps; besides irritating, painful and just annoying, they look horrible. The following soothing mask is great for both women and men and it can be incorporated into your post shaving experience. Great for legs, face  and basically anywhere on our bodies The Cucumber Yogurt After Shave Mask is soothing, refreshing, moisturizing and yes! anti-inflammatory.

All you need is a peeled cucumber and three to four spoons of plain greek yogurt (keep in mind we always select regular yogurt and avoid the fat free ones because the high levels of fat  are key in repairing and adding a glow to our skin especially during these cold months). You can also use more or less of the ingredients (depending on the area of focus)


Time to make our Cucumber Yogurt After Shave Mask.

Blend the cucumber (blender) with  plain yogurt. After you have created a smooth mask apply to the irritated area. Cucumbers are packed with hydration and anti-inflammatory properties. Yogurt is exfoliating, smoothing. moisturizing and repairing. After 15 min. rinse off with warm water, pat dry and finish off as usual (moisturize!)

P.S. We love to make the best of everything we have so in case you have some left over, it can be used as a great toning facial mask as well. Follow as mentioned above.

Red Wine Toner…Cheers!

red wine toner

Leftover wine from holiday dinner? Don’t toss it away!  Wine’s powerful properties are super beneficial for our skin.

The following toner is great for both women and men and it’s super easy and efficient.

The Goal: Clear, balanced and Glowy Skin.

Here’s a little info. on why we love red wine for skin care.

High levels of antioxidants which protect us from aging.

Stimulates blood circulation.

Increases skin elasticity (firmer skin)

Brightens our skin.

Detoxifies (goodbye acne )

Red Wine Toner.

Simply dab a cotton ball over the bottle and swipe over your skin. (Make sure your skin is clean before applying).

We personally let it dry and then follow up with our  favorite moisturizer.

You can also rinse it off after a couple of minutes, pat dry and then hydrate.

Honey & Cinnamon…Facial Treats!


The Weekend is finally here and after this extremely long week (work and Xmas shopping) yep we broke out! There are tons of DIY’ and Masks in the market that will definitely take care of acne and nourish our skin. We love sharing new and interesting combos to our followers. Today we’re going to try a fast and super efficient mask that is great for everyone that has acne prone skin.

All we need to do is grab two tablespoons of honey and  mix it with one tablespoon of cinnamon.

Honey  is hydrating, nourishing and soothing. It has antibacterial and antiviral properties, so it will disinfect. Cinnamon has antimicrobial properties so it’s basically going to put a stop to the growth of bacteria. Bring these two together and we get an amazing anti acne facial mask.

We’re going to clean our face (after washing pat dry) and after mixing both these ingredients (make sure you have created a paste) we will apply it on our skin. After 15 min. we will rinse with warm water pat dry and apply our favorite moisturizer.

You can do this mask twice a week to treat and prevent acne.

Soothing Scrub!


We just came back from the market and picked up some our favorite eats, yep oatmeal. It’s super cold out, so when we want a quick and hearty snack we turn to this all time classic; but while making one of our faves, we can actually make an amazing exfoliating and nourishing facial scrub.

When we think about scrubbing our skin, it actually sounds super harsh, but oatmeal is very  soothing, delicate and beyond amazing.

Oatmeal is packed with vitamins, antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties. Basically it will exfoliate away the dead skin that lays on our skin (which makes us look dull and which can clog our pores leading to major breakouts). Besides removing dead skin, Oatmeal is soothing,moisturizing and healing.

The next ingredient we will use is regular whole milk (the fat in milk will replenish, brighten and give us the moisture needed during these cold months) Milk has tons of vitamins and minerals, as well as lactic acid. Lactic acid is amazing for the texture of our skin. It will acts as an exfoliator but it will give thirsty skin the hydration needed. Remember thirsty skin leads to wrinkles and even breakouts ( the body will over produce oil), so milk is a major +.

The Oatmeal and milk scrub is super easy. Basically take a cup of warm milk, warm it up (not too hot) and stir some oatmeal in it. Make sure you bring both together and stir stir stir. After approximately 3 minutes you should have a paste ( oh we forgot when choosing the oats we usually go for the smaller ones because large oats will just fall off when placed on our skin)

Wash your face…then apply in a circular motion your new scrub. Gently massage (allowing both the oatmeal and milk to sink into your pores). Leave it on for 5 minutes and then rinse with warm water. Pat dry and apply your favorite moisturizer.

Add a Pop of Radiant & Glowy Blush to your look!

 Tracy Reese Spring 2012 Makeup Backstage
Backstage @ Tracy Reese SS’12

Winter time, means goodbye summer radiance. Many of us love that summer glow because our skin is basically flawless, an all around even tone and just full of life. We can bring back a pop of  summer feel, by incorporating a cream blush into our looks.

During these cold days, we love incorporating a cream blush into our everyday looks and we prefer them over the powder ones because they absorb into our skin, leaving our skin healthy looking and moisturized. We hate a cakey look (makes our skin appear dull and dry)

Instead of going out and purchasing one you can actually make your own at home. Affordable and effective, you will be able to control the pigmentation as well as the consistency of the blush (you can make it super moisturizing if you wish)

All you need is your  lipstick of choice  and some Vaseline. Some people don’t like the feel of Vaseline on their skin so you can change it up, instead of petroleum jelly try to use your favorite moisturizer in the process.

Cut off a piece of the lipstick and simply mix it  with Vaseline(or lotion) until you have achieved a consistency and as well as a color that works for you. Make sure to do this in a small container (that way you can store it)  and voila you’re basically done! We personally love to store it in the fridge (not the freezer) because we love our blush to be a little more thicker but it’s really up to you. Remember you can always play with the ingredients to customize a color and texture that works for you.

Less is More!

Easy Everyday Makeup @ Narciso Rodriguez FW’14

Easy and Fast Everyday Beauty Approach.

As stylists one of the key things we always try to inject is the notion that individuality and confidence are two extremely important  elements for  looking and feeling great. This goes beyond what we select to wear, embracing ‘you’ and your uniqueness is the best way to go.  Push forward your natural beauty. Utilize the instruments (from beauty products as well as clothing) to highlight and showcase you.

With such a crazy schedule, December is insane. Less is definitely more, so here are some of our favorite makeup pointers to help you feel and look your best.

The following notes are for an everyday look. You can incorporate them into your lifestyle.We love to play with makeup and different exciting looks, but sometimes especially during the holidays we are constantly on the go so we need something fast and efficient. A look that will allow us to feel great throughout the day (most of us are running from classes,work to holiday shopping and dinners)

Instead of a heavy foundation, try to switch to a hydrating and nourishing tinted moisturizer.(avoid a cakey look)

Incorporate a Concealer to diminish and fade away the appearance of blemishes. Concealers should never be rubbed in. Simply dab and lightly blend. Some of us get carry away and just rub rub rub rub.

For cheekers, we love making our own. Take your favorite lipstick (this gives you the option of directing the intensity of the  color) and mix it w/ some vaseline. When you create your ideal shade, apply. This will give you a glow that is natural and definitely beyond fresh.

Choose one! Don’t over do it….focus either on eyes or lips!

If you decide to go for eyes, try to do something that really highlights you and your personality.l

Less is more, so choose mascara(super fun) or liner (sooo many exciting techniques out there… like a Winged eye) or just shadow.

If you decide to do lips, the Same notion applies, do something that highlights you…you can do a moisturizing lip tint (from nudes to sexy vampy  berries) to a bold pop of solid color….

The idea is to develop a look that is you and that embraces your natural beauty.Your features are unique and you should flaunt them never hide them. A little time and creativity will allow you to create a beauty ritual that is fast,easy and all you.